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The Curl. Father!Romano x Child!Reader.
~YES I KNOW. ITS A DADDY X DAUGHTER(READER) STORY. DEAL WITH IT. I plan on making a normal one too but imagine Romano gettin' all horney in front of his child. ;3 ENJOY!~ (Btw IT IS ROMANO WE ARE TALKING ABOUT HERE SO THERE MIGHT BE 1 OR 2 CUSS WORDS)
{Reader-chan is 4.}
"Papi! PAAAAAAAPIIIIIIII!!!" You shouted, shaking your father's shoulder, trying to wake him up from his deep sleep. Unfortunately nothing was working. Your father has been sleeping for half of the day now, and nothing was working to get him up. "C'mon Papi! Wake up!" You kissed his cheek, hoping to get a reaction. He shifted and blushed. You giggled at the sight of your father blushing. You happened to lay eyes on his curl, that he told you a thousand times to NOT TOUCH. But being the little devil child you were at this age, you decided to go ahead and tug it.
"Ahh...~" Romano moaned in his sleep, you just thought it was a strange noise. You tugged on it again, earning another moan from him. "Papi!" You tugged on his
:iconchelseakagamine:ChelseaKagamine 13 3
Zeus X Reader
I hid under my duvet as the thunderstorm got nearer, the loud rumbles of thunder and blinding strikes of lightning putting my fear into overdrive. I knew this storm
was going to be a big one, they always were, which didn't help my fear of them which I had had since I was little. There was just something in the air that made me
anxious and I had no idea why. I then felt like I was being watched, but I was to scared to check. Suddenly my duvet being lifted from me and I froze, turning to see
a man looking at me through sad eyes. His hair was black with sliver streaks, and I had to admit he was very handsome, especially his eyes, which were sad but a
beautiful stormy grey colour, a shade I had never seen before.  
"Why are you scared of me _____?" I tried to form some words but I couldn't and the man sighed, sitting down on the chair next to my bed. "Do you know who I am?" He
asked and I shook my head, sitting up and wondering what kind of stalker this guy was.
"Who are you?" I asked
:iconsophieleighbroome:SophieLeighBroome 81 7
(cm)Anime Matrioshka by BleedingStalker (cm)Anime Matrioshka :iconbleedingstalker:BleedingStalker 637 23 Helping the Kitty Out by GrimmCorneliusGrey Helping the Kitty Out :icongrimmcorneliusgrey:GrimmCorneliusGrey 41 5 ToothlessXHiccup by nechy0 ToothlessXHiccup :iconnechy0:nechy0 238 13
Prussia x Mute! Chubby! Shy! Reader [Part 2!!]
For the rest of math class, Gilbert tried talking to you. He poked you, throw things at you. He was very curious why you weren't responding, you would look at him occasionally but not say a word.So he decided to write you a note and put it on your desk for you to read. You sigh knowing if you didnt read his letter it would just lead to more trouble some deeds. So you open the letter to see some very sloppy writing, you were unfortunately able to understand what it said.
       ~Hey! The awesome me vants you to talk to me!! ;)~
       You sigh and pick up you pencil replying to his message 'Im sorry but i don't talk.' you wrote. You quickly passed it back to him making sure the teacher was not looking. Gilbert read the note and looked at you skeptically then quickly wrote back and passed you the note, little did you know the teacher saw you that time. He walked up to both of you, and you could just picture the steam pouring from his ears like and
:iconkriskitt:Kriskitt 49 6
Sweden x chubby!Reader x Denmark
  You sat in the living room of the Nordic's home,reading at first but then ended up listening to Norway and Iceland's argument with amusement. Like always they are fighting about the 'Big Brother' thing. You always hanged out at the Nordic's home and they love to have you around.
 "Come on its not that hard to say Iceland.. Say it with me, 'big brother' two simple words like that is not hard to say!"
"God damnit Norway stop trying to make me say that!"
"Your stalling, now shut up say my name."
"(Y/n)! Help me out here! Make him stop!!" Emil cried as Lukas tried to get him to hug him. "No can do Emil." You said smirking as you placed your book back on its shelf.
  You chuckled while the two of them continued the argument which was still going on for after an hour. You decided to go into the kitchen to grab something to drink until you saw Berwald sitting at the table reading. "Hey Berwald." You said smiling. He looked back at you a
:iconiinamine:iiNamine 300 75
Prussia hetaloid x chubby reader
“Bam!” your front door flew open and in pulled your friends (f/n) with her father and a man with a uniform walked in with the men bringing in a tall box into the house ‘hello my awesome friend, I now present to you, your birthday present!’ she bowed and moved out of the way for the men to put the giant-ass box in the living room ‘um, if I may ask what is it?’ you looked at the box with curiosity ‘tut, tut, let’s not ruin the surprise now shall we?’ she pushed you away as you looked back towards the tall box in your living room.
~Le awesome time skip brought by Gilbird! ~
The party was over, but there were a few drunk guys who were even at your house cause they just walked onto your houses lawn and passed out, they will have massive hangovers in the morning ‘(y/n), you can open my awesome present now’ your eye twitched as she poked your chunky belly ‘please stop’ she stopped but started again after a second of
:iconjestersenpai:Jestersenpai 79 19
Prussia x Mute! Chubby! Shy! Reader
You were walking through the halls of your school, in a X-large (F/C) sweater, a pair of (2F/C) skinny jeans. Your warn (F/C) vans were squeaking against the tile floor, causing some people to look at you. Being your shy self you blushed at the attention and tried to get away quickly. You quickly ran to your locker, you open it and grab your math book and your biology book, your first two classes your this semester.  You close your locker and start to walk to math. You make sure your first so you can choose the seat in the back near the window. when you take your seat,the bell rings a few seconds after. When everyone has taken there seats, they where talking to each other waiting for the teacher to walk in. Well everyone was talking but you, you where looking out the window wondering when the teacher was going to come already.
       When the teacher finally entered the room, someone was following him. The teacher stops in front of the class, the male behind hi
:iconkriskitt:Kriskitt 64 18
2p!Family x Chubby!Reader ~What A Woman~
~In this story you have 2 brothers (Nick the oldest, and Nikola your second oldest brother), an uncle and father in the setting and also 2 more uncles that came to visit you in the event (The 2p!Family and your family are close friends)~

 "NICK, GO OPEN THE DOORS FOR YOUR UNCLES WILL YA?" Your father yelled as he was cleaning some leftover dishes your second oldest brother forgot to clean up last night, "Sure thing dad." Nick yelled as he jogged on over to the door, upon opening the door there was (Uncle 1, 2/n) Standing at the door with some other people along with them. "Hey, what's up (Uncle 1, 2/n) who are your friends?" He asked as he stepped aside for them to all come inside. "Oh these guys are just friends of ours that always come to our family gatherings remember?" (Uncle 2) said as he walked down the hallway towards the kitchen. "Oh yeah, Hey Oliver, Allen, Francisco, and Mattheiu right?" Nick asked as he
:iconiinamine:iiNamine 159 57
BTT x chubby! Reader ~Look at your cute face!~
"Stop poking me"
"Stop that..."
poke, poke.
"Stop that you guys..."
poke, poke, poke.
you flinged your current book you were reading to the table and turned to see the BTT looking at you with dreamy eyes. "Oh come (Y/n) just vne more poke?" Gilbert said smiling dreamily, "Si chica all we wanted to so is-a poke your face!" Antonio said right after. Only leaving Francis to go in for the kill. (His dumbass)
He poke your face...
You grabbed his arm....
You place it behind his back.....
You sat on it..
Maybe England could hear a girlish scream from there...
"I said no... and besides why on Earth would you want to poke my chubby face for?" You said with a raised eyebrow. "Its because we love the face you-a make after your mad or flustered!" Antonio said as he collected you into a big hug and placed you on his lap, which only left you blushing. "P-put me down Antonio! I'm too heavy..." You m
:iconiinamine:iiNamine 298 215
2P!Canada x Chubby!Reader .:. Lollipop
2P!Canada x Chubby!Reader .:. Lollipop 
Your name was (Name) and you were currently sucking on a (favorite flavor) lollipop just minding your own business. Your (h/c) was up in a messy bun, your (e/c) eyes reading your favorite book. You were still wearing your summer pajamas, which consisted of a spaghetti strapped (f/c) tank top and (s/f/c) shorts that ended above mid thigh. 
You moved the lollipop around your mouth, not noticing your boyfriend coming into your shared room. 
You were about to flip the page when something or rather someone snatched your lollipop out of your mouth. 
"H-hey!" You whined, looking up at your boyfriend of two years, Matt.
"Mattie~! Give it back!!" You pouted, sitting up, reaching for the lollipop. 
Matt rolled his eyes and stuck it in his mouth. 
You wrinkled your nose and tackled him, making sure he landed on the bed. 
You straddled his thighs, glaring down at him. "Give. Me. Back. My. Lollipop." 
He smirked,
:iconbrokenheartforsale:BrokenHeartForSale 466 41
Filled Out Love (Chubby!France x Reader)
‘Francis? Francis, are you in there? Please let me in!’ _____ called out, banging on the door in front of her. Her best friend Francis Bonnefoy had been absent from their school for several days, and _____ was worried.
He had ignored her calls and texts, and after learning that his parents had left him to go on a vacation, not remotely worried for their son, she stomped over to his house, now begging to be let in. ____ stopped when she heard quiet shuffling, and one by one the locks were undone, and the door cracked open.
____ gasped, tears welling up in her (e/c) eyes, as she pushed the door open, hugging the Frenchman as she kicked the door closed. Francis did nothing, gazing at nothing when she led him to a couch, looking her best friend and crush over.
His beautiful sky-blue eyes were now dull and lifeless, with thick, heavy dark bags hanging from under his eyes. His skin had turned from its rich tan, to a pasty white, no doubt due to the lack of sunlight. His cheekbone
:icontransformersg1fan271:TransformersG1fan271 191 113
2P!Canada X Chubby!Reader - My Little Maple Leaf
Warning: There is swearing involved and some fighting. But this is a 2P story, so what do you expect?
Everyone is the school winced as they heard the usual argument. As per usual, Chelsea was picking on you for your weight.
And as usual, you weren’t taking any of her shit.
A door burst open and you two stormed out, still yelling abuse at each other.
‘GO FUCK YOURSELF!’ she screamed.
‘LEAVE HIM OUT OF THIS, YOU PIG!’ She slapped you across the face, her long, pointy nails scratching your cheek, drawing blood.
‘OH THAT IS IT BITCH!’ You didn’t just slap her, you full on punched her. She stumbled back, her stupid heels not helping, and fell over, revealing her underwear for the whole school to see. You laughed, and she grabbed your
:iconsarah-layton:SaRaH-lAyToN 670 97
Chubby Reader x Prussia: Chubbylicious
Chubby Reader x Prussia:
“I’m sexy and I know it!” You sang at the top of your lungs dancing to the music blasting in your ear buds. In the comfort or your home you never felt ashamed of going wild and dancing away to your music. You swished your hips from side to side and raised your arms above your head. Dancing was something that made you feel not only alive, but extremely beautiful.  As you danced you didn’t notice three pairs of head watching you from the window.
“See, isn’t she cute!” The white haired boy whined his crimson eyes enchanted by your limbering body. He mumbled something in German before chuckling to himself.
“She’s a little bigger than you normally go for?” A man with curly dark brown hair and a Spanish accent commented looking over your bigger body with a questioning eye
:iconinsanelysweet:InsanelySweet 647 374
Ari in a Bubble by VoraciousPanda Ari in a Bubble :iconvoraciouspanda:VoraciousPanda 238 64



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