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Sekaiichi Hatsukoi Maids M!Reader x Ukes CH1
Ritsu's POV~
"Ehh, so we start our new job today! I wonder why all of our boyfriends sent us here?why couldn't they do it?" Kisa said in a sing song voice. Chiaki and I just nodded our heads. Why did Takano-san send us here? We didn't really know why we're here but apparently we have to work for some rich bastard so our companies can get a huge donation, like a million dollars richer kinda donation. What's so bad about this guy that Takano and the others didn't wanna work here? Isn't that a bad impression?
We continued to walk along the paths of Japan. The closer we got to this guys house, the more fancier the surroundings got. Like high class houses, gated communities, fancy clothing, nice cars, not to mention expensive.
"Ah, here we are. Well I guess Takano didn't lie about how rich this guy was." The house was at least 5 stories high. The front yard path that lead to the door was outlined with red roses. From how it looks there was a golf course, swimming pool combined with a waterf
:iconpharaohjill:PharaohJill 60 44
South Park Boys x Male!Feminine!Reader (SKKC)
(I meant to label last part as 1.5, whoops! This is 2.0. SKKC = Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman.)
Kennys P.O.V.
Just as I planned! Well, not really. But hey, when everything goes right, you gotta thank the God, or anyone you worship. I grabbed M/Ns hand and made him sat down next to me. I gotta say, he's pretty cute.
"Hey, M/N," He looked at me with his beautiful e/c eyes. "Hm?" He hummed.
"These are my friends. That's Cartman, a.k.a. fatass. " I said, ponting to fat ass. He was in front of M/N, on the other side of the table. He pulleed out his hand, M/N doing the same. "I'm not fat! I'm big boned." He argued before turning back to M/N. "Sup, faggot. Name's Eric Cartman. You can call me Eric." Cartman said, shaking M/Ns hand. He slightly frowned but shrugged it off anyway. "M/N." He said sweetly.
"That's Stan Marsh. He has  a girlfriend and her name is Wendy. She cheats on him with Token." I said, earning a frown from M/N.
"Dude, why do you still go back to her?" M/N asked, looking
:icondenchandrawsstuff:denchandrawsstuff 44 13
Cutest Boy {South Park x Male!Reader} P2
"Pete, did you hear about M/N being the cutest boy in school?"
"That's ungoth." Pete said at Michaels statement, flipping his hair out of his face. Michael looked at him, "But it is true."
Michael said as he blew the smoke slowly, in which he sucked from his ciggar. Pete looked at him, questioning him. "What did you say?"
"I said it's true." Michael replied, slamming the ciggar and stepping on it on the ground. He did that carefully, making sure he didn't wake M/N up.
Pete sighed in defeat, "I-I guess it IS true." He admitted, a tinge pink coloring his pale face. Michael smirked, "Told ya."
"Nhn...." M/N mumbled as he shifted from his sleeping, now facing Petes stomach.
Michael got closer to Pete just to stroke the sleeping boy's hair. The boy smiled as he felt someones hand run through his soft lucious h/c hair.
Aftee 20 minutes of sleeping, M/N got woken up by two kisses on his cheeks. He opened his eyes to see a rarely smiling Michael and Pete.
He rubbed his eyes innocently, getting
:icondenchandrawsstuff:denchandrawsstuff 72 14
Cutest Boy {South Park x Male Reader} P1
"Attention!" Wendy yelled as her annoying voice pierced through everyones ear holes. They all looked at the black-haired girl whom was yearning for the attention.
"We have the newest cutest boys list in South Park Elemntary!" Bebe said as the boys got excited to hear who's first. M/N didn't really care since he needed to focus on his grades than girls.
In fact, he's hella gay. No one knew his sexuality, in which Kyle was an exception. Kyle was his only friend, and they were study buddies. They would go to Kyles house to study and eat some candy. He sometimes help in taking care of Ike when Kyle is in need.
He was drawing in his notebook and scenery until he heard his name being called. He looked up to see Wendy looking at him. He gulped, "M/N, come here." She said as I nodded and came up in front.
She got close to me and showed me the new list. I did a small gasp, shocked. 'I'm the new cutest boy? I didn't want this!' I said in my mind, panicking as I sat back down on my chair.
:icondenchandrawsstuff:denchandrawsstuff 80 8
extra sasuke by prisonsuit-rabbitman extra sasuke :iconprisonsuit-rabbitman:prisonsuit-rabbitman 472 72 Spark sequence commission Part 1 by Verzisphere Spark sequence commission Part 1 :iconverzisphere:Verzisphere 196 1
Jungkook x Reader-Boy In Luv
 You were walking in school to your class, keeping your eyes ahead. Jungkook was in class at the time, gazing out the window. He suddenly saw a girl that he had been crushing on for a few weeks, and he took out his phone, texting his friend Namjoon(Rap Monster).
Jungkook: Hyung, remember that girl I was telling you about? the one with the (H/C) hair and (E/C) eyes?
Namjoon: Yeah. What about it?
Jungkook: She's on her way to class. She's headed in your direction.
Namjoon: You don't need to ask me twice.
You continued walking to class, passing by Namjoon and Yoongi(Suga). Yoongi just stared, and Namjoon's mouth dropped open.
"Damn, she's a pretty one," he muttered. He quickly ran over to an abandoned room, where J-Hope, Jin, and Taehyung(V) were skipping class.
"Guys, Kookie's found her. Get ready," he said.
Taehyung and J-Hope headed out with Namjoon, while Jin headed over to where your locker was. The other members were already in a classroom when Namjoon, J-Hope and Taehyung arri
:iconareummarie:areummarie 70 5
Bts x reader - Super Model - Part 1
You got ready for the day. Yesterday, you had gotten an email asking you if you could give a Korean boy band some tips on modeling for a photo shot they were going to do. Apparently they had zero clue how to be a model so you thought why not? After you put on some makeup, you headed to a photo shoot you were doing. The boys would be at your place around 11 pm, so you didn’t need to cancel your plans for today. As soon as you stepped out side camera flashes were blinding you and screams slightly hurt your ears.
“I LOVE YOU (Y/N)!!!” Most yelled, some hated you and threw shade in your direction. You tried to just ignore those people, but it got to you a lot more then you liked. Continuing on your way to the car, you felt pushes and shoves on you but again just ignored it.
After a hour or so, you arrived at the building for the shoot.
“Babe! What happened?!” Your stylist, James Vincent, asked. His voice was laced with concern, but you didn’t know why.
:iconphantomwrighter:PhantomWrighter 24 6
Mature content
Pole Dancing (BTS x Male!New Member!Reader) :icondenchandrawsstuff:denchandrawsstuff 52 5
Filipino Talk {BTS x Male Reader}
Ah, concerts. Always a fun time to do fanservice, sing and dance in front of millions of supporters. The concert was already halfway through, since it was 4 hours long. The first two hours were their songs, and the other two hours is for fanservice. And since they were already done with their own songs, it was fanservice time. Also! Forgot to mention, they were in the Philippines. Little did they know, though, M/N was secretly half Filipino.
"Alright, so." Nam started, fans screaming after his few words. "Since we're in the Philippines, we need to speak in Tagalog." The crowd cheered as he chuckled. Though he didn't say Tagalog right, it was still funny.
M/N smirked inwardly, 'I'm probably going to shocm many people. I mean, I am they mysterious member. No one knows where I was born and what my nationality was. I mean, I'm half n/c and Filipino, but no one knows the Filipino part.'
Nam started trying to speak in Tagalog, but it kind of failed. It was still a nice try though. A few more
:icondenchandrawsstuff:denchandrawsstuff 52 1
Kiss The Host Club {OHSHC x Male!Reader} Part I
"Guys, do I really have to?"
"You lost the bet. You have to do this."
"No 'buts'! Just do it."
M/N huffed as he went out to do his consequence for losing the bet between him and his sister. The bet was about who could jump of the building first with a parachute. Of course, his sister, Em, won. He did get mad at the sudden loss, but it's fine. You gotta do what you gotta do.
He walked to the Host Club, sister following behind with a camera. She was going to record everything. She was going to record M/N kiss every member of The Host Club. Every GUY member, so it doesn't include Haruhi. They knew Haruhi was a girl, and The Host Club knew that we knew that fact. We made a deal on not to about Haruhis gender until she paid her debt. Anywho, not on the cheek, not on the forehead, not on the nose- but on the lips.
They had to put it order though, so they made a list. The first one on the list is...Kyoya Ootori.
He opened the door, being showered with roses and rose petals.
:icondenchandrawsstuff:denchandrawsstuff 69 6
South Park Boys! x Male!Feminine!Reader
/Don't judge me/
"Oh my gosh, is that the new kid?"
"He's so cute!"
"Feminine too."
"I'm going to date him first!"
"Nuh-uh, Red! I'm going to date him first!"
"No, me!"
The girls argued as the (h/c) boy walked femininely passed them. He has to admit, he never really liked the girls in any school he went to. He was more attracted to the boys, that even one time someone thought he was a girl! He has (h/l) (h/c) hair, beatiful and mesmorizing (e/c) eyes and (l/s and l/c) lips. He was gorgeously cute.
Now, as he walked passed the girls, he looked around to see 2 seperate groupa staring him down, then staring each other down. They seemed angry! (Wow, real innocent, reader-kun)
Being the little awkward caterpiller, he slowly walked passed them.
And when he was gone...
"Yo, dude! Did you see his ass? It's so fucking round!" Kenny exclaimed, earning a slap from Kyle. "Shut up, Kenny! He's the fucking new kid and you don't want to creep him out, do you?"
"As if you know how to not c
:icondenchandrawsstuff:denchandrawsstuff 72 4
Young Justice Belly Stuffing
Young Justice Belly Stuffing: The Reach Drink Experiment.
At the Justice League Watchtower a few of the female superheroes had gathered up what was
remaining of the Reach drinks left on earth. Zatanna, Artemis, Wonder Girl, Bumblebee,
Rocket, and Batgirl were in charge of getting rid of the drinks. "Why did we get stuck on
cleaning up this junk? It sucks and these drinks don't even look good." Wonder Girl said,
holding up a Reach drink. "Good, then don't drink it. We aren't suppose to anyway." Rocket
said. "But aren't you even a little curious on what they are? Come on. I can't be the only
one. And look at all these Reach drinks we have to get rid of. I think we should try one."
Wonder Girl said. "Admit it, Cassie. You have always wanted to try one." Batgirl said, as
she looked at all the Reach drinks, bottled up. "The Reach were evil aliens, but come on.
Their commercial was so catchy I overlooked how stupid and cheesy it was." Wonder Girl said.
"The Reach are gone now...I wonder what
:iconmangavore:Mangavore 169 35
COMM - Kiba x Naruto by tummyarts COMM - Kiba x Naruto :icontummyarts:tummyarts 163 14 I did it for you. by BLISHYTHEBlSHY I did it for you. :iconblishytheblshy:BLISHYTHEBlSHY 121 9 COMM - Teen Wolf 4 by tummyarts COMM - Teen Wolf 4 :icontummyarts:tummyarts 279 14


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